Hey There! My name is Krystel!

I am a 36 year old mom of two teenagers, a wife and blogger. Nine years ago I launched a popular military spouse lifestyle blog which is amazing and I love so much. It has brought me many once in a lifetime opportunities and thanks to my awesome team of writers I still get to keep it going strong. However, if you know anything about blogging you know that you must stick to the topic at hand, and I needed an outlet to share my other passions, thoughts and experiences.

Welcome to The Fabu+Life. No, my life isn’t all fab. In fact it’s pretty simple, but it’s my version of a fabulous life and I’m excited to share my travel, food, fashion and life experiences with you all. My kids are 19 and 13 and are on autopilot and I am enjoying life without the stresses of having little ones.

Join me weekly as I share:

  • Cheesy, Frugal and Upscale Travel Experiences
  • Dining Experiences
  • Plus Size Fashion That’s easily accessible and affordable
  • My Take on Beauty Products For Real People
  • My take on Trending and Pop Culture Topics

What Else Should You Know About Me?

Email Me: Krystel@TheFabuPlusLife.com



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