5 Awesome Airport Apps You Should Be Using

Awesome Airport Apps You Should Be Using

I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. This means part of my makeup is over analyzing and over thinking everything—including when I fly. When I fly everything needs to be in order and I MUST know everything. Airports give me anxiety so if I can know the makeup of the airport, what eateries are available, how long the lines are, etc; then I can function more calmly.

Trying to make your way through airports in a timely manner can be frustrating especially if you have to rush and get to your connecting flight in a hurry. Using these apps can help make that process just a little bit easier, so check out some of the best ones that you should be using on your smartphone right now.


GateGuru.  This app is one of the very best a lot of travelers use to navigate through the terminal. GateGuru will give you up to date information based on what it’s users are putting on it so that you can find the best routes and also great places to eat. You can put your itinerary on the app and follow it’s suggestions to make your trip smoother.


Mobile Passport.  So many travelers that are in and out of the country are passing through customs because they are using this new app put out by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  So skip the long lines at customs and download Mobile Passport, input your information, and scan your way through quickly.


Airline App.  It doesn’t matter which airline you are using, the first rule of thumb is to download their app and add your frequent flier miles and all of your contact information.  This way you will get any necessary updates leading up to your flight and also directions on where to find the right gate for takeoff.


TripCase.  This is one reliable app that every traveler needs to be using.  It is a total trip organizer where you can add your whole booking including hotels, attractions, and any car rentals directly with your flight.  Most of the times the information that you can get from TripCase is faster than with the airlines direct app. This is the perfect app for a frequent flier, especially if you travel on a lot of business because it can also save all of your travel receipts for an easy expense report later.


MiFlight.  For the most accurate information on how long the security check will take at the airport, go ahead and download MiFlight.  You can check on the status from all of it’s users and receive updates so you know when to leave for the airport and how long it may take to get through the security checkpoint.  

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