TMI: My Secret To The Cleanest Smelling Vajayjay Ever

I’ve always had pretty good BO. I swear I am blessed with it! I remember my mom walking past me as a kid and her awesome feminine smell just lingering. It wasn’t that she even wore a lot of perfume, but she just had a naturally great smell.

As a kid and even now I watch shows like “Dancing With The Stars” and wonder how the dancer is sure she smells good before she cocks her leg up in the air or spreads her legs around a guys neck while he is spinning her around. When I watch movies where a couple is lost in the woods for a week unable to bath, I wonder how in the world they are having sex after not washing for a week. And, while my rational mind knows it’s just TV and they probably don’t smell—my overthinking had me wondering if there is a secret cleanser that I don’t know about that wipes away any possible chance of any odor.

Of course, people who practice natural living and even some GYN’s will say the vagina is supposed to have a natural smell. They also say that you don’t need to clean the inside, just the outer area. And, the final straw is when they say you can just use water. I’ll be damned! I love for my “flower” to smell good. When I was younger I was the queen of bathing my lower half in Bath and Body Works Body Wash. As I’ve gotten older I realize I don’t need to drench my ladybits in hardcore fragrances. And, if we’re being honest Mrs. Kitty is a lot more sensitive than she was years ago. As you get older stuff starts changing in your body and it can totally affect some people. That said I still love to scrub “her” in smell goods!

Over a year ago I began my hunt for the best feminine wash for “that area”. My search ended pretty quickly when of all people my 23-year-old cousin put me on to the magic that is LEMISOL. Lemisol is literally amazing. It’s usually sold in stores that sell Spanish products and is made and sold primarily in the Dominican Republic. You literally pour a dime size amount on your fingertips/hand, lather up “down there” and then rinse. It doesn’t affect PH balance and a little goes a long way. It’s pretty minty so putting too much down there will have you feeling like someone put Altoids down there and is blowing on it. However, it does give you a nice clean tingling sensation which makes you feel squeaky clean. You literally will have no smell.

The best thing this cleaner is great for is hot weather. In hot humid weather when it’s known to get “hot” in some areas, Lemisol will still leave you extremely fresh and you can literally tell the difference when you don’t use it. Don’t believe me?

Check out this review from two guys who found it in their sister’s room and who were hooked because of how clean it makes them feel “down there”:

You can purchase Lemisol from any bodega, most beauty supply stores or here on Amazon.

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    April 12, 2018 at 5:43 pm

    Leaves the biscuit nice and fresh!!!

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