How To Use Lyft Or Uber …For People Who Live In The Suburbs

I don’t live in an Uber or Lyft friendly area. However, I use ride sharing services all the time when I travel. Lately, I prefer Lyft over Uber as I think the drivers are treated better by Lyft —and therefore treat the passengers better.

Shockingly, many of my suburban friends have never used either service. Some hesitate to try ride sharing services (even when traveling) because they live in areas where Lyft and Uber are not as accessible as in bigger cities, and the idea of getting in a stranger’s car seems random to them.

Me and my friend Angela with our Uber Driver in Miami

Why Use Ride Sharing Apps:

Using a ride sharing service is usually much cheaper then a cab. On my recent trip to Vegas my best friend and I took a cab from the airport since they have a separate area for ride sharing that we didn’t feel like trying to find. That cab ride to our hotel was $33. When we took a Lyft back to the airport to head home, the ride only cost us $16 total for two people. When ride sharing the fear of the cab driver taking you a longer route while the meter is running is alleviated. In certain areas you can use Lyft Line if you don’t mind sharing the car with someone you don’t know going in your direction. This can save up to 50% on your fare.

I also love that I can catch a ride with ease using my phone, and not have to worry about trying to find a cab company. Most of the time if you’re in a heavy Uber or Lyft friendly area—you can get a ride within 1-3 minutes. The quickest time a Lyft ever came and got me was about 45 seconds. The ride is also cleaner and usually in a newer vehicle. Speaking of vehicles you can request Luxury vehicles to pick you up if you’d like. Of course the cost is more, but much cheaper then having a high end car service pick you up.

Tips For Being A Good Passenger

Visit any ride sharing forum and you will probably see stories of a passenger getting kicked out of a Lyft or Uber. As someone who knows a few Uber and Lyft drivers, I believe a lot of these incidents are passenger related. As a passenger you’re safety is important so of course if your driver is texting or driving crazy then you certainly have the right to speak up. However, keep in mind that you are in someone’s personal car. Be aware of not being a backseat driver, not smelling bad, and not getting in the person’s car drunk and acting out. They have the right to cancel your ride and kick you out. This is also a good time to mention that Lyft and Uber drivers can rate you just like you can rate them. This could affect future rides when a driver sees your ratings profile. If you’re driver is good and polite leave a nice rating and tip for them.

One of my closest friends mentioned she wasn’t quite sure how to use either service so I figured I’d share how to, along with some tips for being a good rider:

The App

Simply google Lyft or Uber in the App or Google Play Store and download to your phone.

Getting A Ride

The process for each is pretty simple and the same. Since I recommend Lyft more, I’ll show how to use that below.

  • Open the app
  • You will most likely be on the screen below. The map (as long as your location settings are on) will determine where you are. However, hit the white tab that says “Pickup Location”. Once your there you can input the exact address of where you are located.

  • Click set pickup and then on “Add Destination” to input your destination (where you’re going). It is here you can view how much the ride will cost along with the pricing for other vehicles—in case you need a larger car or SUV. Be mindful of having more passengers then the car type you booked for. They have the right to refuse you service if you do so.

Once you have finished setting your ride up, you can watch the map and see where the driver is in realtime. Ride sharing apps also share the driver’s name, license plate number and phone number to call or text. This ensures you feel safe and are getting in the right car. Also, each driver should have a sign in their window with the Lyft or Uber logo.

One Last Tip:

Be aware that certain airports don’t necessarily allow ride sharing services to pick up you up in front of the airport. They may have a special area for that. This also goes for major hotels especially in big downtown areas like Las Vegas. Just always look for a sign that says “Ride Sharing” and you will know where to go and catch your ride.

At the completion of your ride be sure to rate your driver and you my friend will officially be a part of the ride sharing club!

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