6 Things You MUST Know About Before Booking On Frontier Airlines

Recently, my best friend and I embarked on a week-long girls trip to Las Vegas in which we flew Frontier Airlines.

With such a long trip we wanted to cut costs where we could and so I turned to Expedia to book our flights. I have always found that the fares for flights are significantly better on there. Of course, Expedia didn’t let me down, and I found a nonstop flight to Las Vegas on Frontier Airlines for $229 a person. 

Our cheesy obligatory blurry selfie before the plane took off

The cost of flying has increased so much and it normally costs more for non-stop flights, so I immediately booked the flight thinking I was good to go. After I book flights on Expedia, my normal routine is to head directly to the airline (that I’m flying) official website and choose my seating. When I got to the Frontier site that I learned there’s a whole lot I didn’t know about flying them. I consider myself to be a thorough researcher, but I think I got caught up in the cheap pricing before I knew what I was getting myself into, and there were some surprises. 

With that said I wanted to make sure before you book with them you know what to expect:

Your Seat When It Comes To Pricing

If you want to select your own seat or be guaranteed to sit with your party then you will need to pay to do that. If you don’t pay to select your seat at check-in you will be assigned one. Being assigned a seat means you can be separated from the people you are traveling with. On our flight, we had a guy sitting next to us while his wife was behind us.

The seat pricing is based on the length of the flight. On our flight from North Carolina to Vegas, the prices ranged from $12-$45. The lower prices were for seats in the back of the plane, and the $45 (which we chose) are for the first few rows known as “Stretch Seating. The Stretch Seats are different because they actually include more cushion and padding on the seat and bigger tray tables. They also include about 5 more inches of legroom. These are not first class by the way. All the seats behind Stretch Seating are the same, but the position of the seat on the plane determined the price. The only free seats were the middle seats.

Your Seat When It Comes To Comfort

As mentioned above Stretch Seating is the more comfortable seating on Frontier planes. Those are limited to the first four rows, though. The rest of the seating is literally a piece of metal with a cover on it. I didn’t expect to write a post about the seats, so I didn’t take pictures, but you can see some awesome pics of the seats here. All in all the seats weren’t completely uncomfortable, but I can’t see myself flying 5 hours in them again. For plus size girls, I had no trouble getting the seatbelt on, so that’s a plus.


Carry-Ons and checked baggage cost on Frontier. While you can bring one personal item, you will not be able to bring a big bag without paying. Now for some reason, my friend and I got on with our totes and weren’t charged, but technically speaking they were our pocketbooks. If you have a tote that can fit under your seat you should be good to go getting it on for free. 


There is none! Frontier claims this is how they pass the savings on to you. For some people no , Wi-fi and disconnecting for a few hours may be great. As someone who works from their computer, I found it frustrating not being able to get online for five hours. I did download movies to my iPad which helped me not be bored to death, but I spent a lot of time worrying about my battery decreasing. There are no outlets and no inflight entertainment by the way.

Snacks and Drinks

These are available on the flight for a fee. The fee wasn’t outrageous and comparable to premium snacks on other airlines. However, there are no complimentary peanuts, cookies or drinks.


$229 initial fare

$38 Checked bag going 

$38 Checked bag coming home

$45 seat going

$12 seat coming home

Total: $362

As you can see we still came out on the cheaper end, but if you‘re not expecting the additional cost it could still hit you in the pockets.

All in all Frontier’s planes are new, the flight attendants were nice, their counters weren’t crowded, and the flight was nice and smooth. 

Would I fly them again? Yes, I would! HoweverI would not fly them long distance due to the wi-fi situation. If you are the person who can sleep the entire time, it may not bother you. I can’t sleep for long periods of time on a plane, so entertainment is essential.

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    Eleaser B
    March 31, 2018 at 5:38 am

    All was great , still was a little confused about the weight and balance change in seat at the last moment. However , I slept the whole way back so didn’t really matter.

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      April 2, 2018 at 11:56 pm

      LOL I was too!

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