As a kid, I lived for a new box of crayons for school. There was also nothing like “Free Time Fridays” where at the end of the day everyone got to show off their latest cool pack of crayons or markers.

In every grade, there was something we all will remember that stood out to us. In no particular order check out these “to cool for school” 90’s school supplies:

Crayola 64 Pack of Crayons- Crayola crayons came in chunky and small sizes. When it came to the quantity you could bet on choosing from the 8 pack, 16 pack, 24 pack, and the mother of them all the 64 pack box. If you had the 64 count box you were big time. You set the bar even higher if you had the 64 pack with fluorescent colors in it. There was nothing like coloring dittos with your 64 pack box sitting open on your desk and you eyeballing everyone like a gangsta! It even came with a built-in sharpener to sharpen your crayons when they got lame and dull.

Image Credit : Ebay Seller Ariel*43

Image Credit : Ebay Seller Ariel*43

Mead Trapper Keeper- You couldn’t wait to get into the 6th grade so you could carry your overpriced velcro notebook in your arms for everyone to see the cool character or Lisa & Frank design you had on the outside. They retailed for under $6 and it had to say “Trapper Keeper” or else it was bootleg and you would be called on it!

Image Credit: MommiePoppins

Image Credit: MommiePoppins

Character Plastic Lunchbox- In the 80’s we had metal lunch boxes, and then I guess someone got frugal and thought it would be cheaper to do plastic. Either way us 90’s kids loved it and once again it was a battle of who had the coolest character or TV show on the front of their lunch box. One of the other items that made these lunch boxes so special was the cool matching thermos that came with them. Nothing like the smell of a plastic lunchbox at the end of the week! For good measure, I had to add in a cheesy looking “New Kids On The Block Lunchbox” because a good percentage of 90’s girls had them.

Image Credit: Ebay Seller ThoseTwoGoofballs

Image Credit: ThoseTwoGoofballs


Image Credit: Ebay Seller Cali_Clothes

Multicolored Click Pens- These were amazing. That was until one of the colors ran out or you popped a spring on one side of them and couldn’t get a certain color to work. Either way, it was convenient because it allowed you to carry all the basic writing colors plus some fun ones eliminating the need for multiple pens.

Lisa & Frank Colorful Erasers- The most popular one being the cloud with the rainbow was my personal favorite. Other cool inclusions in people’s pencil boxes included cute teddy bears, odd shapes with abstract designs and colors, butterflies and more. When they got worn down they appeared dingy, but we still used every bit of them.


Image Credit: Ebay Seller Anastasia McMillian

Milky Pens- While these weren’t practical for note taking, all the cool girls had them. They were fun for writing notes that you would pass to your friends in class and for tattooing your arms in class while you day dreamed. They were really cool if used on black construction paper.
milkypensElmer’s Glue- There was nothing more spectacular then covering your entire hand in Elmer’s glue, letting it dry, and then peeling it off. It was almost like a hand facial.


Push Up Pencils- Also known as Stacking Point Pencils and we all had these! Plain and simple don’t lose the lead part or it was a wrap. Would you believe they still sell them here!


Yikes Pencils-These were some of my favorite. They were swirly with lots of great 90’s colors and even the bottom part near the lead was a wacky color. I hated math but it made me excited to do a math problem or write on that horrible yellow lined paper we had to practice our creative writing on.


Crayola Fluorescent Markers-While Crayola was definitely on their crayon game, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention how much they changed our lives when they came out with the 6 pack of fluorescent markers. I went from being a 64 count box crayon gangsta to flashing my new box of markers with colors like hot pink, flamin orange, and electric blue.



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